• December 6, 2013
  • The Easy App Company

TheEasyAppCompany.com contacted us to help them create a suite of applications with younger users in mind.  With a background in the educational sector, the founders knew what was missing from the market place – and had some great ideas about how to fill that gap.  Understanding the great benefits that early access to technology brings to children, we were delighted and excited to bring those ideas to fruition.  Our goals were their goals, and together we created a range of industry leading media and blogging apps that are super simple for kids to use, yet so powerful that even regular blogger adults can benefit from the no-nonsense streamlined User Interface.

At the start of the project we surveyed the best blogging apps from the industry leaders.  Wordpress – fully functional, but not a suitable interface for kids, plus half the time your movies and pictures are upside down on Windows PCs!  Google Blogger – nice and simple for adults, but tough for younger kids – and they don’t let you post movies, boo!  With the Easy Blog and Easy Blogger apps we solved all of these issues.  No more upside down movies.  Movies on Blogger.  Simple, fast & fun.

Our philosophy at ikuramedia is always to strive for the best, and to make our clients goals our own.  But you don’t have to take our word for it – here’s what our client had to say:

We contracted ikuramedia to code a series of apps for us to use primarily in the education sector. Not only did they do an outstanding job, often coming up with out of the box solutions, they also helped us overcome many hurdles well beyond the brief and contract. They seemed to be as concerned about our project being a success as we were, and you simply can’t ask for more than that. (Phillip Cowell, CEO TheEasyAppCompany.com)

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